Indian consumers online – Ideas welcome for 36 million customers!

I have always in my discussions with many marketing and agency professionals in India, seen a bit of cynicism with the Indian online numbers. 

It’s common to hear things like

– " It is too small to pay attention to this medium right now. "

– " Internet is not  my medium when it comes to reaching my customers."

– " It’s too niche and tiny"

I wanted to put a perspective to this and evaluate it for yourself. According to ClickZ stats, India’s  internet users areabout 36.47 million( according to the CIA fact book! ).  Just compare the scale with a few other countries –

–  Brazil has 22 million internet users!

–  Australia has  13 .01 million users!

–  Canada has about 20. 45 million!

–  China has 99.80 million( still India’s internet user base is not a bad audience size)

–  France has about 25 million

– Germany has about 41 million only

– South Korea has about 31 million

–  UK has 33 million users

– USA 185 million internet users

Frankly, I think the Indian online audience is a large base ( Sure. Penetration is low vis-a-vis population. But, how does that matter?). Using it in campaigns and as a customer touchpoint in tandem with the mobile population can have a telling impact. 

One should not look it as just a communication medium.  Forget the click thros, CPC, CPM, pageview models. I believe it has reached a size that is compelling to

a. Give more information about brands(Bring the brands alive!).

b. Can be a brilliant interactive medium for a two way dialogue right across the sales process.

c. Imaginative Applications that can make  brands sit on desktops rather than seeing it as banners or links will be a great idea. For example, an apparel brand can have a grooming guide application which customers can download and refer anytime that they want.

There can be more ideas. Let’s not underestimate the size and the power of this medium.

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