A new manifesto for customer management & marketing professionals


I just got to read a brilliant article( Download mktgmanifesto.pdf ) by Mohanbir Sawhney on what ails marketing and how to fix it. If marketing professionals have to change the way he suggests, then as client and account managers, our language too has to change quickly.

Some key points to think about:

  1. Move beyond traditional marketing communications – Understand the client’s business from sales & service point of view and not just restrict ourselves to some old marketing communications and collaterals that one is responsible for.
  2. Ask yourself everyday – “What’s the revenue difference I have brought to the client’s table with my initiatives?”. If you don’t, the clients will soon start asking you!
  3. Shed the command and control mindset – Consumers are no more passive. So, bring into your campaigns a “connect and collaborate” mindset.
  4. Have a first-hand view of customers. Visit them and talk to them frequently.
  5. Focus on customer experience – Think TEM( Total Experience Management). Every piece of interaction needs an idea.
  6. Marketing is about “hierarchy of effects” –  From awareness to changing perceptions to conversion to loyalty to advocacy.  Measure what you do at each stage.
  7. ROE( Return of Effects) culture – I feel it’s more than ROI( as the article suggests), since some aspects of this business are also qualitative in nature. A mix of ROI and ROE would be most appropriate.
  8. Use technology to drive efficiency into marketing operations.

I would love you to add a few of your thoughts to this manifesto. Looking forward to some interesting points on this topic.

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