“Consumers want products that tell stories, have magic, and inspire” – Yves Behar

Businesss Week has come out with a new cover story  on Creativity & Innovation.

Also, got to read in the same issue about fuseproject a great design firm and its brilliant philosophy. Look at what he has to say about Mini Cooper. He says it’s not about the car but about the driver’s lifestyle. I was so inspired that I put his quote ( Yves Behar, Fuseproject) as the headline and a mission for me to remember when I work with my clients .

We many times miss the "motivation" that drives consumers to own these brands. Designing products and communication around these motivations is increasingly becoming important.

Just waiting to grab my copy.

Many thanks  to brand autopsy  folks for this info.

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  1. It also goes to show how many products nowadays are being made with an idea in mind. Or for that matter, with the consumer in mind. We all talk of marketing ideas, but i think it is uqually essential to have a product which is made on an idea.
    Maybe marketing needs to beat the Product Development, instead of the agency.


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