Myths about Innovation


I have often wondered with best of the brains and talent working in large organizations, why is that they lack the innovation edge. I have always been suprised how local businessmen or young start-up companies innovate so easily. And how is that organizations that were once touted as being innovative lose their edge as they build-up size?

I believe this clearly affects the way they serve their customers and the products that they design and launch.

I came across this insightful article by Mohan Sawhney on Seven Innovation Myths ( Download innovationmyths.pdf ) . Here are a few things I liked in his article:

  1. He says it is not the paucity of ideas that’s the problem. It’s the incubation that’s the problem. I loved the analogy -.." To get more tadpoles, you don’t need more eggs, you need better incubators!"
  2. Innovation is a company-wide competency, not a department responsibility.
  3. Innovation is not about  a loose process but enabling it thro’ a structured process. Quite different from what we are often told.
  4. Accept early mistakes to innovate.

I really believe innovation is a question of consistent practice, follow-up, measurement and rewarding people who make it happen. Else, there will be lot of talk and no action.

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