It’s the belief that matters – Even if it’s your competitor’s customers


A customer starts  trusting  brands  only when they truly live-up to their promises. One thing is to have a belief  and intent. The other thing is to put it in a communication or advertising format and live-up to this promise for life across touch points. The gap is in the experience and execution of this promise.

Here’s a great example to learn from:

Saturn’s love for customers is a folklore and much written about. Here’s a different story about Saturn that amazed me totally.

One day, a worried father called-up a Saturn dealer and told  them his daughter’s car had a break down and wanted some help. The dealership asked for all the details about him before they could send a service support team. On checking the details, they figured  out that the car was a Honda! When the customer service  department told him about this,  he said  " You are the car company that cares for people and I want you to help me now ".

The guys at the dealership picked her up, towed her Honda car and brought her back safely. That’s to me a true character of the Saturn brand.

Some key questions that can help drive this belief:

  1. Does your brand have a character?
  2. Does your character make a difference to his/her business?
  3. How do we take the character of the brand across media?
  4. Do people have this philosophy in their DNA?

Many a times a belief in the philosophy is critical. Belief will lead to empathy and action, no matter what it takes to deliver it.

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