Brand Experience – Easier said than done


In the last couple of years, I have found a lot of interest in the philosophy of brand experience and making it happen within organizations. Essentially,  consistency of experience across touch points is the mantra. It’s not just one communication campaign that can drive the difference, it is all about bringing the brand promise alive with every interaction. What does it take for marketing professionals to succeed in this area? Process orientation is key.

But, process orientation among marketing professionals seems largely an unchartered territory to me.  It’s one thing to have an idea, it is something else to see it through. Clearly, one has to learn from other professionals like software programmers, engineers, doctors etc. It is important for them to see how the entire organization has to wake-up to a new brand proposition and convert it into ‘experience maps’. Also, look at various stakeholders who have to deliver this promise and get them trained for it. Drawing-up scenarios and how customers will be managed, in case the scenario does occur, is important. There is not too much marketing process documentation within companies. It often becomes flavour of the day approach.  I feel, like TQM( Total Quality Management), companies may have to get certified for MQM( Marketing Quality Management) or BEQM( Brand Experience Quality Management). Getting the marketing professionals to get themselves certified will help in expediting the adoption process.

In my quest to learn from other professionals, here is a nice interview by Dr. Benjamin Carson, one of the world’s most celebrated neurosurgeons. As a part of my scenario planning exercises, this interview did touch upon  a few points that I was trying to draw-up.

via fast company

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