Mass Intimacy – The new marketer’s mindset

Should brands and marketers get ready for a new world order – " Mass Intimacy" ?

I strongly feel so. Let me tell you why.

First the terminology by itself is an irony of sorts, for traditional marketers, I feel.  Intimacy is always associated with one-on-one, closely-knit small group, addressable and sometimes seen as finite. Mass is always associated with not personal at all, distant, too many people to contend with, infinite number of people who we do not know etc. Also, mass is associated with lower cost of contact, better ROI, efficient etc. Intimacy is associated with higher cost per contact, intense, accountable, effective etc. 

But, increasingly the customer world for brands is moving towards managing this seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum.  It’s this paradox the new marketers understand and take advantage of very quickly.

Here’s why:

  • Integration possibilities  is changing the landscape – Advertising, coupled with internet, mobiles, broadband,viral videos,point-of-sale, RFIDs etc. allows us to develop new forms of engagement at probably extremely low costs.
  • Web – Custom Publishing makes adoption and sharing information on brands easy.
  • Telecom – VoIP convergence – Allows new forms of chat and dialogue between customers and brands at extremely affordable costs.
  • Digitization and Video – Software that helps anybody make low cost film production possible. Soon, customers will be doing it and distributing it!
  • Newspapers/Magazines – Citizen journalism is on the rise.
  • Printing – New customization technologies are creating infinite messaging opportunities to a target of one in real time.

Mass Intimacy – It is had to understand the connections between them all and ones that are going to come in the future. But, if one does’nt, we are sure to be left behind.

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