New breed TVs – How will it change a customer’s experience?


Infoworld has an interesting article on how IPTV will impact TV viewing experience:

…"Integration will change everything for our consumers,"

Possible cross-platform services could include the following, she said:

– a family could view a library of all its digital photos on PCs, TVs and mobile phones;

– a TV viewer could interact with a home DVR (digital video recorder) from a mobile phone while on the road, to set up recordings;

– a parent could change TV parental-control settings in real time from a mobile phone to keep children from watching a show;

– a user could maintain one list of phone numbers and e-mail addresses and use it on both a PC and a mobile phone;

– a subscriber could have a personalized account for delivery of certain types of stock prices, sports scores and weather information, accessible with a single click on a PC, TV and mobile phone.

IPTV could create as big a change as TV itself did when it first appeared in a world dominated by radio, said Robert Clasen, president and chief executive officer of Starz, which delivers TV channels and video-on-demand via cable operators and the Internet. For example, there is no need to fit shows into one-hour and half-hour program blocks if users are downloading them, he said. A show could last a day, and viewers could stop it and pick up later where they left off, or a 30-second cartoon could appear between programs and also be offered on cell phones, he said. An operator could sell a customer just one channel or just news channels, he added.

"It will be critical to understand that you are not just recreating cable or satellite. … Your goal should be to create an entirely new form of communication," Clasen said.

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