What happens when information becomes an experience

Peter Davidson writes:

Yesterday, I posted at BeConnected about Luxury Hotels and how they are using computer networks, databases and automation to seamlessly customize their rooms to enhance the guest experience. Hotel staff notice guest preferences and update guest profiles for everything including temperature, drapery positions and mini-bar preferences. The system even tracks preferred music choices, TV programming and even frequently dialed numbers on the telephone. Gathering all of this customer intuition data helps hotels retain frequent repeat customers.

So how much is a persons preference profile worth? What is it worth to a hotel to know that a guest prefers diet Pepsi vs diet Coke? What about their allergy to feather pillows? What about the fact that a customer is a recovering alcoholic and wants no alcohol in their room and no service at the hotel bar? Each of these pieces of information have different values to the hotel and to the customer.

It’s an exchange of information for time, convenience, comfort and maybe even survival. I think there’s room for a trusted personal preferences profile provider that collects and provides preference information to businesses serving profiled customers. Businesses could subscribe to the service to find out relevant information about their customers. Customers would participate to enhance their experience.

Part data mining operation, part concierge, part social network, part travel agent, part personal shopper this service would tailor your life experience to your preferences. The more the service knows about you the better your experience. Everything from remembering your father-in-law’s birthday and prompting you with the perfect gift ideas to arranging your holiday travel according to your travel preferences would be handled seamlessly.

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