“Welcome” – Digital TV in India

The television sets in India will soon double up as internet access devices if TRAI( Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) plans go on track.

ContentSutra writes:

To start with, digital television will be introduced in metros from April.

The TRAI has asked the information and broadcasting ministry to ensure introduction of digital television across the country by 2010, when Commonwealth Games are to be organised in Delhi.

But it is the technology that the ministry is going to recommend, is keeping the industry guessing. ..there are two technologies available in the market. One is MPeg-II, which will mean increase in the number of channels available in digital mode. From the present 96 channels available, the number can go up to 300 in MPeg-II. The other system is MPeg-IV, which is interactive, and offers Internet-propelled television, Internet connection through television, video on demand facility and interactive television mode.

If it is MPeg IV, it can truly change television programming in India from what little I can see, as it seems to provide  interactivity,  video on-demand mode etc. Mobiles ushered a revolution in the Indian telecom sector, will digital TV do it for internet and television?

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