Retailing set to change the shopping experience in India


It is increasingly becoming apparent that Indian consumers are wanting international shopping experience and service.  And the retail market in India is growing at a hectic pace. International retailers are waiting in a queue to take a share of this pie.  AT Kearney has released a Global Retail Development Index(GRDI) report and India tops that list. Here are some highlights of the report :

India tops a list of 30 new markets attracting global retailers, according to a study by the consulting firm A.T. Kearney.India has steadily risen on the GRDI, with its underserved $330 billion retail market growing by 10 percent on average per year over the past five years. "This market is among the most fragmented in the world; the combined market share of the top five retailers totals less than two percent," the report notes.India’s retailing landscape has more than 12 million mom-and-pop stores that are not likely to idly watch their businesses erode as foreign companies encroach on their territory. But gaining early-mover advantage could make tackling all of these issues worthwhile.

thro ET

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