Does it pay for brands to entertain consumers?

Dustin Staiger writes:

I used to have a whole life insurance policy. It’s like buying a policy that you can later cash in for its determined value. Then a lot of people started advising me that term insurance was a wiser investment. Term is more like renting insurance. In the end, you have nothing to cash in. But it’s much cheaper. “Buy term and invest the rest.” Many say. So, after years of hearing this advice… I still have a whole life policy. Why? Because I’ve invested into it. It’s so painful for me to think about, I haven’t even calculated how much I would save by switching to term insurance. I’m too concerned with how much I’ll lose by switching FROM whole life.

Entertaining is like term insurance. You’re renting your advertising to people in exchange for their attention. At any point, they can switch their attention elsewhere without it costing them a thing. But what if you credited people for paying attention? What if they realized there was a return on their investment of time listening, watching, and responding?

Investment builds loyalty. So as you establish an investment relationship with your potential and current customers, your competition may be entertaining them and advising them to switch. So, after years of hearing this advice… will they still be yours? Your obligation is not to lose them.

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