Google’s attempts to get “search neutral”

Warc reports internet behemoth Google, usually at the cutting edge of advertising technology, has gone retro in a test venture with a US newspaper.

California-headquartered Google is buying up leftover advertising space in the Chicago Sun-Times daily in a bid, it says, "to develop new ways to provide effective and useful advertising to advertisers, publishers and users". The spots, which would normally be filled by the paper’s own ‘house ads’, are currently home to Google ads promoting, for example, ticket brokers, baseball and American football apparel in the sports section.

Interesting experiments from Google have been underway for sometime now. I feel increasingly Google is realising the need to use offline media with internet, mobile etc. to stay ahead in the huge advertising revenues race, it won last year vis-a-vis competition. I think they have started believing that "search" in any media is something they would like own and dominate. I therefore see more action in this space from Google.

What does this mean to consumers? I think  Google is attempting a "inform-search- know- compare-engage" communication model, by effectively using all these mediums, so that consumers will be able to switch  between mediums, across multiple devices and therefore take informed decisions about the brands they would want to buy or know.

Now, get ready to get ‘googled’ in any media!

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