Google’s search neutral strategy gets into radio

I had mentioned in a post couple of weeks back that Google is increasingly wanting to be ‘search neutral’. Now, google has bought over a radio station.

According to mercury news

The acquisition of dMarc Broadcasting — whose automated process for people to place radio ads mirrors Google’s online ad service — is the latest move by the Internet’s dominant search engine to increase its reach. Building on the success of its AdWords search-based advertising system, Google has edged into print advertising and recently partnered with the CBS television network with its Video Store.

With the dMarc Broadcasting acquisition, Google could do for radio advertising what it has done for Internet ads: create simple ways for small businesses to get their message out without a middleman.

Analysts think the Mountain View company could next establish a presence in TV advertising, perhaps with cable TV, helping companies place ads targeted in particular regions.

`It’s the end of Google as a search company and the beginning of Google as a media company,” said Andy Beal, president of search engine marketing company Fortune Interactive. “And they’re not just an online media company. They’re offline now.”

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