Buy, click, send and win – Enriching customer experience with mobile bar code marketing

Wireless Marketing is exploding – Globally, there are more mobile phones worldwide (1.5B) than TVs (1.1B) and Computers (457M). With PaperClick, you can put a personalized screen in the pockets of every mobile phone user.

Introducing an evolution in Mobile Marketing. PaperClick is a patented technology that will change the way companies advertise. By snapping a picture of a barcode or entering a brand name, mobile-users can link to any Web page in seconds. No SMS, URLs, Internet Searches, or phone portals. The phone is now your mouse and the brand name or barcode is now your hyperlink. Surf the Real World!

Imagine the possibilitiesā€¦make a purchase, enter a contest, obtain a rebate, watch a video, get a coupon, register a product…from a retail outlet, newspaper ad, anywhere!

Check a demo here.

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