Reinventing Marketing

Bob Liodice has a great post on this topic:

  • Brand building from the CEO’s perspective is about business building – generating higher revenues and profits, which in turn will lead to greater shareholder value. At General Electric, marketers and marketing were charged with a most unusual and dynamic objective – to change the direction of the company. Mr. Immelt wanted marketing and business strategies interwoven to optimize synergy and productivity. And they did just that with the spectacularly successful platform of “Imagination at Work.”
  • A reinvented marketing model is necessary — and must embrace two fundamental principles – The first is that marketers must approach marketing disciplines and media choices in a completely agnostic fashion. There can be no bias towards television over other media – or for that matter towards advertising over other communications disciplines. The second principle is that marketers must approach the entire spectrum of marketing choices – including the new, emerging ones – with a far more disciplined strategic planning process.
  • Marketers are challenged in their ability to predict the success of their own efforts.   They know that marketing as a business function often does not enjoy the trust of the organization or its executive leaders.Marketing accountability has been a major ANA theme over the past three years.  It’s the number one issue, according to a survey we conducted of senior marketers last year.

  • There are four critical dimensions to reinventing the marketing organization:

    • Goal alignment
    • Internal partnerships
    • External resources
    • The marketing professional

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