Click to Call – Helps customers get in touch and can boost conversions

John Federman  writes:

Click-to-call buttons are popping up everywhere– on corporate websites, emails, interactive ads and search engine directory ads. Even media buzz has recently focused around click-to-call, with internet search giants Google and Yahoo! testing ways to enable immediate web-to-phone connections between buyers and sellers through their local search ads.

Companies are getting smarter about who is on their websites and are taking more aggressive steps to optimize their websites to increase customer loyalty and avoid website abandonment. In addition, companies are recognizing that an ordinary telephone number on a website creates a blind spot that prevents them from using CRM (customer relationship management) and business intelligence analytics to improve the online sales experience.

Click-to-call technology is driving benefits for companies from to DaimlerChrysler. Using click-to-call services, companies have found, on average:

  • A 22 percent to 25 percent reduction in website abandonment from website pages with click-to-call services
  • As much as a 100 percent increase in transaction conversions from click-to-call users versus toll-free callers
  • 88 percent of click-to-call users say they are more likely to contact a company that offers a click-to-call service than one that does not.

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