How customers use online banking in India?

With over a 38.5 million internet users in India, banks are aggressively looking to convert their customers to online  banking. IAMAI has this report on the usage and trends of online banking in India. 

Download the report here. Download IAMAI_Report_on_Online_Banking_2006.pdf


  1. Banking online transactions have changed the funds transfer modusoperandi in India and as per ICICI bank 84% of its customers are using online mode of transactions and thus in turn it reduces the operational costs and this is the reason that ICICI bank stock is doing well at Bombay stock exchange as its strategy is paying it well.


  2. PLEASE can u provide the recent statistics of online banking users in India (2009 and estimates of 2010)?
    It would be a great help!


  3. Hi! Could you kindly provide me with the statistics of online banking
    and credit card users in the states of maharashtra, A.P., Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala & Goa.
    Kind regards


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