Music retailing on the mobile

Airtel announced the launch of Airtel Easy Music across India.

This service is available for all prepaid and postpaid Airtel mobile subscribers from over one lakh plus Airtel retail outlets. This makes Airtel the largest retailer for music not only within the country but also in the world.

How does one use Airtel Easy Music? It’s as simple as this:

  • Choose your favourite song from the music catalogue available with the retailer.
  • Tell the retailer your choice.
  • Retailer will just press a few keys on his phone and download a song (Hello Tunes or Ringtone) to your mobile phone.  In the case of Hello Tunes you will be required to
    dial 674 (tollfree) to confirm acceptance of the song.
  • You will also get an SMS confirming the successful download of your song.
  • Finally you can pay the retailer for the song and walk out…as simple as that.

So, Just walk in and Walk out with your favourite song.

thro’ thehindu

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