Intermediaries 2.0 – getting on the side of customers

Futher following-up on the trend of  ‘Customer Made’ by Springwise, Scott Karp has this nice post on the role of intermediaries if this trend gains traction:

If marketers can get their own consumers to create marketing messages for them, and then get those same consumers to propagate those messages through online social networks — all for free — why should they give a dime to media and advertising companies to serve as intermediaries?

Here’s my take:

I think these intermediaries have to change their business model – A serious disruption in thinking is needed. Intermediaries 1.0 was all about these companies being on the side of the marketer, intermediaries 2.0 will be all about they getting on to the side of the customer! They need to connect,engage, involve, guide customers to and about brands rather than the other way around!

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