P&G – How it has changed its traditional marketing thinking

P Greenblog has a great post on P&G and its new marketing mantra:

They(P&G) have a CEO by the name of A.G. Lafley, who seems to be quite the man….What makes him good at his job is that he is a genuine visionary and strategist.

Here’s some of his quotes:

"We have to create a great experience every time you touch the brand, and the design is a really big part of creating the experience and the emotion. We try to make a customer’s experience better, but better in her terms.”

“I think its value that rules the world. There’s an awful lot of evidence across an awful lot of categories that consumers will pay more for better design, better performance, better quality, better value and better experiences.”

They’ve created programs called Tremor and Vocalpoint among others. Tremor is a network of 225,000 teens and Vocalpoint a community of 600,000 moms – each with a social network of at least 25 other teens or moms, depending on the program. For example, the Vocalpoint moms get samples of new products that they go out and evangelize with to their networks. What’s the value to the moms? They get product samples and a feeling of "I’m on the inside" that means empowerment. P&G gets to reach around 20,000,000 moms with their products.

But it doesn’t stop with marketing. The company has 50 folks they designate as a "technology entrepreneur network" whose sole purpose is to come up with people from the outside that can engage in creation of products with them and the creative use of multiple departments to carry out the development new product lines. So they might use the fabric department to come up with the bleaching agent for those Crest Whitestrips I don’t use. But what makes them particularly unique is their value in finding externally created ideas for products. Here is their success rate to date:

  • In 2001 – 20% of ideas, products, technologies external
  • In 2004 – 35% of ideas, products, technologies external
  • In 200X – 50% of ideas, products, technologies external

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