People Power – Key trend to watch out

Chris Anderson has a great article in Wired about People Power and points out to some of this life changing trend for the global economy:

People Power –  The age of peer production. Now we have armies of amateurs, happy to work for free. From to MySpace to craigslist, the most successful Web companies are building business models based on user-generated content. This is perhaps the most dramatic manifestation of the second-generation Web. The tools of production, from blogging to video-sharing, are fully democratized, and the engine for growth is the spare cycles, talent, and capacity of regular folks, who are, in aggregate, creating a distributed labor force of unprecedented scale.

According to Wired, Six trends changing the Global economy are:

  1. People Power
  2. Video Unlimited
  3. Personalize it
  4. Carbon Killers
  5. Buy it now
  6. All- access Economy

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  1. I just wanted to leave a comment to say thanks for linking to the Chris Anderson article at Wired. The whole “People Power” thing is definitely an interesting development. I wonder just how far user-generated content will take us…


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