The power of passion – it changes everything that you do

Here is a very interesting quote from Bradley Horowitz, Yahoo’s Product Strategy, Vice President.

”… We like people who are passionate about their product. If you have people with a pure financial motive, in my experience, the product suffers. Certainly, someone could figure out a way to scratch a user’s itch and sell the product to us, and perhaps it would make great sense. But we are also looking not just for new products but also to be able to bring the world’s best and brightest people into Yahoo.”

”Find something you would do irrespective of financial motive or whether it will be the next big thing. In that case, you win either way.”

To me it just summarizes why passion is so important in a company and in everything that they do. It drives productivity, commitment, efficiency and a culture that can’t be replicated. Ultimately, if everyone in the company can do their work with the same passion, customers win!

thro’ brand autopsy

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