Generations clash when it comes to usage of banking channels

There seems to be generation clash when it comes to how consumers want to bank according to a survey done by American Bankers Association.

According to the ABA, when consumers were asked what banking method they use most often, respondents said: Branches: 32 percent; online: 26 percent; ATM: 26 percent; telephone: 5 percent; and mail: 5 percent. However, generational differences had a strong influence on how respondents answered — see this chart (PDF) that the ABA posted online.

For example, banking at a local branch was the clear favorite of nearly half of those over the age of 55, but only 17 percent of those under 34 said they use branches most often. In fact, younger customers ranked branches behind online banking (35 percent) and ATMs (33 percent). Older customers said the opposite with 47 percent saying branches followed by ATMs (20 percent) and online (13 percent).

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