Starbucks Salon hopes to entertain and inspire audiences

Here is one more way Starbucks is building a compelling customer experience.

Building upon the heritage and intimacy of the traditional coffeehouse, Starbucks Salon opens today in New York City for a 10-day series of engaging performances to entertain and inspire audiences in New York. Starbucks  selected New York during Fashion Week as the venue for the latest installment of Starbucks Salon, a nomadic coffee house, performance venue, and gallery.

Starbucks says

"Our goal is to bring together diverse groups of artists to provoke thought and discussion among culturally-curious audiences and thought leaders, in a traditional coffeehouse setting," said Anne Saunders, senior vice president of global brand strategies and communications at Starbucks. "We have an amazing line-up of talent for Starbucks Salon that we hope New Yorkers will enjoy discovering as much as we have."

Launched earlier this year at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Starbucks Salon is designed as a place for an interactive exchange of ideas and entertainment forms. In an effort to modernize the traditional role of the coffeehouse, the temporary performance venue will emerge at cultural events and gatherings to celebrate budding artists, art forms, and established talent yearning to explore new artistic disciplines.

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