Dialogue Marketing

Increasingly, it’s a cold truth that when marketers want to talk to customers, customers are not listening to them. But, when customers want to talk to them, the marketers are not there to participate in the dialogue. How can marketers take advantage of such rare moments?

An HBR Article talks about four different dialogue opportunities with customers and how companies can scale-up their dialogue marketing efforts. For instance, it identifies 4 dialogue opportunities for brands:

  • Foundation Dialogues – Manages the customer life cycle. It includes welcome, service follow-ups, winbacks etc.
  • Level 1 Dialogues – Attract bargain minded customers. They include invitations to marketing events, new arrivals etc.
  • Level 2 Dialogues–  Deepen customer customer  loyalty. Harrah’s for instance tells their customers if they are one visit away from the ‘Total Diamond Level’
  • Level 3 Dialogues –  On-site interactions. For example, customers enter their key identities in smart shopping carts and start receiving personalized messages in the store when they are shopping.

What is needed to build dialogue marketing is Event driven computing, intelligent process engines, scalable web application architectures, web services.

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