Matrimony brand launches relationship blog

They say marriages are made in heaven. In an information and networked era, the net seems to be place where it happens faster, I guess.

Bharat Matrimony is one of India’s largest matrimony sites.  It’s  a site where you can search, identify, know more, find your partner and ultimately get married, if you find your match. India being a multi-ethnic and diverse country with several castes & sub-sects, the net seems to be the ideal place where you can find the right match.

Matrimony sites are doing extremely well in India as they are a great destination where young people can  get to know each other and build new relationships. Also, it also has the potential to reach Indians across the world in a jiffy.

Perfect marriages start and end with great relationships. Therefore, it is not surprising to me that they have launched a relationship blog called It is a place where there are experts and one can get advice from them. It’s also has a forum to discuss  issues like being single, customs & rituals, jewellery  etc.

Sounds like a nice idea to me.

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