Indian consumers- A snapshot

Here are some interesting statistics on Indian consumers and households(according to the "Employment and Employment Situation in India, 2004-2005). 

  • Women head about 11 per cent of the households in India. Comparatively, they have, on an average, a relatively smaller household size and a much higher sex ratio.
  • In the rural areas, during 2004-05, about 64 per cent of men and 45 per cent of women were literate. In the urban areas, it was 81 per cent and 69 per cent respectively.
  • The survey suggested that about 42 per cent of the population in the country was usually employed. The proportion was 44 per cent in the rural areas and 37 per cent in the urban.
  • The gender differential in the worker population ratio (WPR) was distinct — 55 per cent for men and 33 per cent for women in the rural areas; 55 per cent for men and 17 per cent for women in the urban areas.
  • In urban India, the "trade, hotel and restaurant" sector engaged about 28 per cent of men workers, while "manufacturing" and "services" sectors accounted for nearly 24 and 21 per cent, respectively, of the usually employed men.
  • On the other hand, for urban women, the "services" sector accounted for the highest proportion (36 per cent) of the total usually employed, followed by "manufacturing" (28 per cent) and "agriculture" (18 per cent).

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