One number for a better life

How many phones do you have today? An office phone, your mobile phone, your home phone  plus a phone or two more for different reasons, I guess and when you multiply this with all the friends and contacts you have in your phone book, life looks really complicated when you want to contact somebody. But, it won’t be a problem anymore.

GrandCentral is a brilliant new web app that lets you consolidate all of your phone numbers into one number, meaning someone can call you on your GrandCentral phone number and all of your phones (cell phone, work phone, home phone) will ring. And then it gets interesting.

If you don’t want every one of your phones ringing each time someone calls your free GrandCentral number, you can set rules by friends, family, work, and others, defining where the calls should be directed. When a user leaves a message, you can listen to it online or directly on your phone. The remaining set of features on GrandCentral are a little mind-blowing, in that "I’d never thought of that, but how am I now living without it?" sort of way.

Here’s a list of some of the features:

  • Incoming phone calls ring on different phones according to which group you’ve placed a caller’s phone number in.
  • You can play different voice mail greetings for friends, family and work calls.
  • Voice mail is stored indefinitely.
  • Voice mail can be listened to and replied to with just a few clicks.
  • Voice mail messages can be listened to in real time and you can jump in to initiate a conversation in real time with one click.
  • Telemarketers or others can be banished to the spam folder so if you’re called by the same number again your phone will simply not ring.
  • You can click to have GrandCentral call both the person who left a message and your phone.
  • You can record a section of any call with one button on the keypad of your phone.
  • You can seamlessly switch from one of your phones to another.

thro’ Techcruch

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