Cosmetics now get into personalization

It’s a common knowledge that skin & beauty care is an extremely personal need for a consumer but brands have often sold their products enmasse. Pretty much the way cars were sold way back in the 1920s. Take for example lipstick, mascara, dry cream brands etc. They solve ‘one beauty need’ the same way for every customer That’s not good enough anymore. All that is set to change as cosmetic brands have started to understand the need for personalization and individualized experiences.

NY Times has an interesting article on how cosmetic brands are reconfiguring their products and brands for these informed consumers.

Avon, meanwhile, has introduced the Hook Up Connector, a product that lets customers snap together a mascara, lipstick or other cosmetic (like Lego blocks, in terms of the mechanics). Later this year it plans to introduce a small multiproduct compact that women can load up with different products every day if they wish.

“This generation personalizes its cellphone rings and computer screens, so it makes sense to let it customize its cosmetics,” Ms. Poccia said. “The freedom to mix and match is just more important to young women than it was to their mothers.”

“This generation is so educated that we do not try the hard sell, but rather try to be influencers,” Ms. Poccia said. “We give the facts, the statistics, the test results, and let a young woman make choices on her own terms.”

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