Building a customer-centric culture

Someone asked me the other the day, if I have been talking and spreading the philosophy of the ideal work culture that our office should practice, the need for extreme customer-centricity amongst employees, a passion for the work one does etc. for so many years now, why is that there are only a few people around me who seem to get it, do it, practice it and spread it.

Here are my answers:

  • Building an organization is an evolutionary process. Keep doing it.
  • Change management is a continous job. Keep attempting it.
  • There’s no perfect answer. Keep trying.
  • Don’t worry about results. Remember, culture & habits can’t change overnight. Keep up the pressure
  • Identify evangelists. Keep working on them to spread it across the organization.

It’s interesting that on the same topic I just got a reference of a 1972 McDonald’s Training Video.The content and the message of the video is still relevant after 35 years! Take a look:

So, don’t lose hope. Remember, the 35 year McDonald’s Chant!

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