Is there a need for another TV model on the net?

John Grant has a post on how he just can’t understand the Joost Model. I completely agree with him on his views. He writes:

"…the true potenetial of IPTV is best understood by looking at the magazines market; small but intensely interested niches, much bolder, more focused content as a result. There isnt a single music channel that caters to my taste right now, there isnt a channel for recording engineers (my hobby), there isnt a lifestyle channel for 30 & 40-somethings that used to enjoy Shoreditch & Soho but are now more likely to be online on Saturday night God dammit there isnt even a channel for treehugging ethical consumers. that’s where IPTV can shine; the missing diversity and fragmentation in video content; the layer between the BBC and the out and out (and crap but entertainingly so) user generated content."

I can’t understand why I need another TV channel on the net. It is not a web friendly service. I am not going to sit and watch it like the tradtional TV network. What we need is setting-up of "My Network" with programming from different channels. But, it must have programming which is my interest-alignable, flexi-time – 5 min channels, half-hour channels, day channels, night channels, payment options – pay per view, pay per hour, pay per day, pay per month, interactivity features  to name a few.

I believe the future web TV channels are ones that are extremely flexible and modular. We surely don’t another TV channel on the net.

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  1. There are 6 Billion people on this planet. Do you really think that a certain TV model won’t find an audience? Of all those people (once they all get online, of course) some people are bound to prefer one service to another.
    I think there is room for tons of different services, with different options for delivery. The online delivery space (or what Shelly Palmer calls “over the top” delivery) offers us a really great chance to find the service we like, instead of being forced to pick one service.
    As Shelly Palmer pointed out, there is a ton of advertising money that will hit the net in the next few years:
    All that money needs to land somewhere. I bet it can support a fair amount of variety.
    – Renny


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