Getting inspired by a designer

I read this interview of Ivy Ross, Chief Creative Officer of Disney Stores and was fascinated by some of the concepts she talks about. It has some great lessons for building organizations and developing ideas. Companies of the future need new structures and design thinking to create products and a culture that builds trust amongst employees who work there. There’s a lot to get inspired from her thinking:

  • I think there are no unique ideas anymore.The only way we are going to uncover  truly new ideas is to have diversity of thinking. It has to come from this diversity of people building on each others’ ideas to create something new.
  • Let’s face it. Everyone has everything. We are not about price anymore. Everything exists at every price level.It’s about the connection you find with that object.
  • I also believe creativity and innovation are built around trust and freedom.
  • You think of a cow giving milk and you only think of the end result.If the cow had not had the time to graze, there wouldn’t be any milk. We are always hooking people for output, output, output. We are not giving them enough time to feed.
  • I think the future of design is not just designing the object.We are going to design entireties, entire entities.

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