In a networked world, data isn’t an extrapolation

James Cherkoff had written a post a couple of months back:

"… as people increasingly lead their lives online, we have information about what
is actually happening in a complex world.  So, for example, instead of
mocking-up profiles of typical customers to help guide strategy – we can let the
data describe the reality.  And we can see how that reality changes.  All of
which, on the face of it, sounds like a good thing.  However, in fact, the move
from reference to reality is tricky.  For starters, there’s A LOT of this
reality stuff and it’s VERY messy.  But as with all technology, that bit will
eventually be solved by some smart folk, a few machines and a bit of Gordon
Moore’s magic.  No, the tricky part is moving away from the reassuring, grand
planning environment into one where you know who the customer is – because you
can smell him.  It’s The Cathedral And The Bazaar all over.  In the networked
world data isn’t an extrapolation or a sample – it’s behaviour.  There’s no need
to second guess the market when you can just wander around it.

Here’s my experience with a wireless service provider in India – Vodafone

I had this experience with my Vodafone account in India. I walked into their stores and had a query on my bill recently. As I walked out( in just a few minutes), I had an SMS requesting me rate the customer care associate. I was quite impressed with the way they managed the data and my interaction real time. Since my query was addressed well, I went to pay the bill and immediately I got an SMS thanking me for the payment. I had paid the bill fairly early – a week or ten days ahead. Just a couple of days before my due date for the same bill, I received an SMS reminding me to the pay the same bill! I was quite pissed and angry. To me it looked like one part of the organization was using the real time data for customer service & delight and the other part of the company – billing and collections department have not woken-up to this new world order. So is the case, when I go to their website and spend time subscribing or unsubscribing to specific services. They don’t use this rich data of mine available online to leverage the relationship in the same manner. I think enterprises need to connect data across channels and experience and build  what I call a DUET( Data-led User Experience Testing). It will help them map the data to the user experience clearly and ensure there are sign-offs at every stage of the interaction. 

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  1. I guess this will certainly true in many cases… I dont about the particular you have said but I have read and heard the same kind of problem with many wireless service…. Thank you for sharing….


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