Getting serious about digital privacy

As a consumer, I have often always wondered every time I had cleared by cache on the laptop, who is accountable or responsible for dropping all the cookies that sit there without my knowledge or even with my "soft" implicit permission – a few of the websites or brands were tracking my behavior using 'app and codes' that sit on my PC. I just hate such intrusions on my privacy for the monetization benefits of somebody else. 

Finally, there seems to be first steps being taken in this direction. The key trade groups – IAB, AAAA, DMA, BBB, ANA announced self-regulation principles. How will they come into effect is critical, what measures are being taken to punish offenders will make a big difference for consumers like me trusting any information that I provide online. Here are some principles that they have adopted:

  • The Education Principle calls for
    organizations to participate in efforts to educate individuals and
    businesses about online behavioral advertising. To this end, the
    digital media industry intends, in a major campaign that is expected to
    exceed 500 million online advertising impressions, to educate consumers
    about online behavioral advertising, the benefits of these practices
    and the means to exercise choice, over the next 18 months.
  • The Transparency Principle
    calls for clearer and easily accessible disclosures to consumers about
    data collection and use practices associated with online behavioral
    advertising. It will result in new, enhanced notice on the page where
    data is collected through links embedded in or around advertisements,
    or on the Web page itself.
  • The Consumer Control Principle
    provides consumers with an expanded ability to choose whether data is
    collected and used for online behavioral advertising purposes. This
    choice will be available through a link from the notice provided on the
    Web page where data is collected.
  • The Consumer Control Principle requires “service providers”, a term that includes Internet
    access service providers and providers of desktop applications software
    such as Web browser “tool bars” to obtain the consent of users
    beforeengaging in online behavioral advertising, and take steps to
    de-identify the data used for such purposes.
  • The Data Security Principle
    calls for organizations to provide reasonable security for, and limited
    retention of data, collected and used for online behavioral advertising
  • The Material Changes Principle calls on
    organizations to obtain consent for any material change to their online
    behavioral advertising data collection and use policies and practices
    to data collected prior to such change.
  • The Sensitive Data Principle
    recognizes that data collected from children and used for online
    behavioral advertising merits heightened protection, and requires
    parental consent for behavioral advertising to consumers known to be
    under 13 on child-directed Web sites. This Principle also provides
    heightened protections to certain health and financial data when
    attributable to a specific individual.
  • The Accountability Principle
    calls for development of programs to further advance these Principles,
    including programs to monitor and report instances of uncorrected
    non-compliance with these Principles to appropriate government
    agencies. The CBBB and DMA have been asked and agreed to work
    cooperatively to establish accountability mechanisms under the


Download Ven-principles-07-01-09

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  1. It is great that the first step is to educate and that it will last that long. I hope that the impact is significant and that it will be measured and advertised accordingly. I got the impression during the last year the the info on the net is getting out of control, now with the social media craze even more so.


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