The new Sovereign Consumer and their impact on marketers

Keith of KRG Marketing responded to my last post on Marketing in a world when the door is already shut.

He pointed me to his presentation on Sovereign Consumer which is brilliant. I have embedded this presentation here. I liked a couple of points from this presentation which I think are game changing for marketers:

  1. The need for marketers to tune-in to meta factors that affect consumer behaviour
  2. Only those marketers grounded in the reality of consumer's lives will understand their priorities
  3. The sovereign consumer defines value in his/her own terms. They need community and also anti-community as the situation may warrant. Expects responsible pursuit of profit!
  4. Digital Connectivity does not mean engagement!
  5. The increasing power of printed value in an ever increasing digital world – Tangibleness will gain value.
  6. Consumers will decide how much of an ad-unit will they allow themselves to become – Not everything can be monetized
  7. Marketing "within the context of the customer's world" is increasingly becoming critical
  8. Don't think media planning. Think Connection Planning
  9. Simon Clift's( CMO of Unilever) comment is interesting – One needs get ready to do marketing in a world of low  or near zero budgets! Coming with ideas then, can make a huge difference
  10. Co-ownership of data – between marketers and consumers is an interesting thought that needs to be practiced by marketers

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