Badri Seshadri on his journey from a small town in Tamil Nadu to iit Chennai, cornell, and cricinfo (#003)

About Badri

Dr. Badri Seshadri (@bseshadri) is an entrepreneur and publisher based out of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

He is best known as a co-founder of Cricinfo (now ESPNcricinfo), a sports website focusing exclusively on the game of cricket.

He is also the founder of New Horizon Media (NHM). NHM has two areas of focus- Publishing of Tamil Books (done via its Eastern Publishing division) and providing IT & ITeS services (done via its SynProSoft division).

Badri holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Madras and a PhD from Cornell University.

Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

Show Notes

  • Badri’s early days [00:01:21]
  • On role models [00: 05:32]
  • Magazines as a conduit to a whole new world [00:10:32]
  • Reading newspapers and getting into the world of cricket [00:11:40]
  • The downsides of electronic games versus the benefits of reading [00:14:07]
  • Developing an interest in cricket and other games [00:15:57]
  • Discovering something called ‘IIT’ [00:21:36]
  • What is wrong with our current teaching methodologies and academic systems? [00:30:34]
  • Entering the IIT Madras [00:38:54]
  • Using self-learning as a tool to overcome challenges at IIT Madras [00:42:00]
  • Moving to Cornell University for a PhD [00:45:40]
  • Studying at Cornell [00:53:50]
  • The Making of Cricinfo [01:04:50]
  • The importance of getting your hands dirty in a start-up [01:14:24]
  • The challenges of making a business plan [01:17:00]
  • Cricinfo funding stories [01:20:00]
  • Career at Cricinfo and the volatility in a start-up [01:27:00]
  • Moving out of Cricinfo and transitioning into Publishing [01:30:00]
  • Transformation needed in education, business, and skilling of people [01:41:00]

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