Alex Lange on Leaders as Humans (#004)

About Alex

Alex is an Executive Coach and Facilitator with GoInnovation, a global consulting and leadership development organization providing executive and life coaching, team building, organizational development, and society-building.

Alex holds a Masters Degree in Health Sciences and has spent over seven years performing neurosurgery.

His areas of interest include emotional intelligence, communication, and bridging cross-cultural differences of business, nations, ethnicities, and people.

Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

Show Notes

  • Difficulty of people being more human in an increasingly techno-centric world [02:16]
  • Complex idea of being happy and sad is more human [07:07]
  • Interconnection between Neurosurgery and Leadership Development [08:18]
  • Helping people empower one another [11:50]
  • The concept of Deep Fakes [13:11]
  • VUCA Leadership [15:44]
  • A leadership gap – ‘Saying vs. Doing’ [19:00]
  • Leadership through the lens of Good Design [20:31]
  • Adult learning by watching, by doing [24:01]
  • Dynamic Dialogue during meetings [25:57]
  • Practical ways of creating Dynamic Dialogue [27:56]
  • Difference between Good and Great Leaders [34:11]
  • Meeting without an agenda [34:56]
  • Picking the nuance of body language [36:08]
  • Work-Life Harmony vs. Work-Life Balance [37:69]
  • “What kind of a person am I?” – Work-first vs. Family-first [41:30]
  • Integration between work and life leads to harmony [45:15]
  • Checking-off a box on job description [47:09]
  • Adult learning [48:13]
  • Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset [54:14]
  • A Framework for being More Human and a Better Leader [57:51]
  • Becoming Self-Aware and adding a Human Factor to Leadership [01:08:09]

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