Malaksingh Gill on Meta-Discipline and Sustainable Architecture (#007)

About Malaksingh Gill

Malaksingh Gill is a Mumbai based architect practicing architecture inspired by local, alternative building materials, construction techniques and crafts since 1999.

Having worked with and being inspired by Laurie Baker; a pioneer of environment-friendly architecture, Malaksingh is now working on propagating Baker’s vision all across India.

Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Malaksingh
    1. Website
    2. LinkedIn
  2. Teaching Critical Thinking to College Students
  3. Metacognition
    1. What is Metacognition?
    2. Metacognition (on Wikipedia)
    3. Exploring the Metacognition Cycle
    4. How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Teaching (Book)
  4. Without Steel Or Cement, This Architect’s Recyclable Homes Will Last A Century!
  5. Cement and Steel Free Breathable and Recyclable Buildings by Malaksingh Gill
  6. 10 Things To Remember When Designing In Mumbai
  7. Working with Nature
  8. Meta-Learning for the 21st Century: What Should Students Learn?
  9. Eco Design: Definition, Examples, Principles
  10. Eco Design Principles From the Ground Up
  11. On Laurie Baker
    1. Laurie Baker (1917-2007)
    2. Life and Works of Architect Laurie Baker
    3. The Gandhi Of Architecture, Who Built Sustainable Buildings With Natural Occurring And Local Materials

Show Notes

Learning and Unlearning with Laurie Baker [01:45]

Learning to Work with Diverse Teams using Meta-Discipline [06:16]

Learning Through Observation [07:45]

Components of Meta-Discipline as a Subject [13:40]

How to Teach Meta-Discipline to Students [18:50]

Teaching Methodologies to Teach Meta-Discipline [22:50]

Importance of Local Jobs, Local Economy [28:20]

Staying Away from Commercialism, but Being Successful [32:00]

How to stay Contemporary, yet not have a Fixed Mindset [35:18]

Getting the Process Right to get the Right Work Ethic  [ 38:14]

Making Eco-Friendly Thinking a Movement [46:40]

Future of Architecture in Cities, Towns, and Villages [51:40]

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