Karthik Sundaram on Approaching Life as a Collection of Journeys (#009)

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About Karthik Sundaram

Karthik Sundaram is an Entrepreneur, Investor, and Advisor.

He is the President and CEO of Purplepatch Services, a leading B2B Digital Marketing firm based in Silicon Valley.

He was the former Managing Editor of Silicon India.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Annamalai University, a Master’s Degree in Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design, and a Master’s Degree in Technical Communications from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Karthik
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Twitter
  2. Purplepatch Services
  3. FutureChain
  4. National Institute of Design
  5. Technical Communications and Information Architecture (M.S.) at the Illinois Institute of Technology
  6. Silicon India Magazine
  7. Stepping Sideways to Move Ahead
  8. B2B Marketing: Evolving from Spray-and-Pray to Align-and-Sign
  9. P.G. Wodehouse
    1. About P.G. Wodehouse
    2. The Jeeves Collection Audiobook (Narrated by Stephen Fry)

Show Notes

Early Years, Schooling, and Upbringing [01:59]

 Learning Experience at National Institute of Design [12:14]

 How Engineering Subjects Need To Be Taught [14:16]

 Why Handling Ambiguity is Critical in a Student’s Life [17:12]

 Why Stepping Sideways to Move Ahead is a Key to Success [19:38]

 Need to Upgrade Skills and Constantly Learn All the Time [21:22}

 Challenge and Benefits of Exploring Things One Does Not Know [24:50]

 Applying Technical Communication Design at Work Today [27:40]

 Toolkit, Stories, and Thinking Frameworks for Product Marketing [30:16]

 Learning from Software Leaders during the Silicon India stint [34:10]

 Looking at your Career as a Journey is important at every phase [38:31]

 Networking and Conversations as Learning Events [43:22]

 On FutureChain, his Supply Chain Venture [45:30]

Important Components of B2B Marketing [48:27]

 Managing Multiple Ventures [52:05]

 Books that have inspired Karthik [55:05]

 How to Adopt Continuous Learning in Life [56:14]

Three Pieces of Advice Karthik would give his 10 year-old self [57:36]

 Learning to Fly [01:00:27]

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