Karthik Srinivasan on Using Your Personal Brand to Escape the Rat Race (#012)

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About Karthik Srinivasan

Karthik Srinivasan is one of India’s leading Communications Strategy Consultants and an expert in the field of Personal Branding.

Before becoming an independent consultant, Karthik held leadership positions in companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Flipkart, and Edelman.

He is also the author of the acclaimed book, Be Social: Building Brand YOU Online.

Karthik holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Madras University and a Post-Graduate Diploma from École des Ponts Business School, France.

Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Karthik
    1. LinkedIn
    1. Twitter
    1. Website
    1. Book: Be Social: Building Brand YOU Online
  2. Groupthink
  3. Branding Fundamentals
  4. Personal Branding Using Social Media
  5. Brand Definition
  6. LinkedIn Profiles In-Focus
    1. Tanya Elizabeth Ken
    2. Manu Kumar Jain
  7. Karthik’s Music Website
  8. Karthik’s Workshops on Personal Branding
  9. Black Mirror
    1. Trailer
    2. Wiki
  10. Love, Death, & Robots
    1. Trailer
    2. Wiki
  11. Recommended Books
    1. The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life – Erving Goffman
    2. How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big – Scott Adams

Show Notes

On Childhood and Early Years [00:02:20]

On Discovering a Passion for Advertising and Marketing [00:06:43]

On Transitioning into the Role of a Communications Strategy Consultant [00:09:06]

The Differences between Working for Someone Else versus Working for Yourself [00:11:22]

On the Pre-Preparations Before Building a Personal Brand [00:13:24]

The Critical Investments needed to build a Sustainable Personal Brand [00:17:27]

Building a Personal Brand as an Early-Career Professional versus Building one as a Seasoned Executive [00:21:34]

Strategies for Building a Personal Brand as a Mid-Career Professional [00:27:03]

Strategies for Building a Personal Brand as a Senior Professional [00:29:38]

The Value of Setting Up Your Mental Gym [00:34:55]

Branding: Yourself versus The Company [00:39:36]

On Correlations Between Career Aspirations and Personal Branding [00:44:26]

Why Brands are No Longer Marketing Engines [00:48:26]

Personal Branding as a Conscious Act [00:51:57]

Recommended Books [00:58:40]

One Advice Karthik would give himself if he were ten years old, today [01:01:46]

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