Prof. Manish Jain on How to Enhance Learning Through Creativity (#013)

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About Prof. Manish Jain

Manish Jain is an Associate Teaching Professor as well as the Principal Coordinator of the Center for Creative Learning (CCL) at IIT Gandhinagar.

Manish spends most of his time investigating the science behind simple toys, and is passionate about sharing his insights and excitement with people.

Before founding CCL, Manish spent 19 years in the area of Chip Design at Synopsys, serving as a Director of R&D and a Scientist, leading the Low Power Simulation efforts, for which he has 5 U.S. patents.

Manish also worked at IUCAA’s Science Centre in Pune, with Padma Shri Arvind Gupta.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and completed a few courses at Stanford University.

Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Manish Jain
    1. Faculty Profile
    2. LinkedIn
  2. Center for Creative Learning (IIT Gandhinagar)
    1. Website
    2. Twitter
    3. YouTube
    4. Facebook
    5. Order CCL Products
  3. Claude Shannon
    1. Biography (Wiki)
    2. Theory of Communication (Information Theory)
    3. Mind At Play (eBook)
    4. The Bit Player (Trailer)
  4. Pareto Distribution
  5. Fields Medal
  6. The History of Pi
    1. The History of π | Pi Day Special
    2. History of Pi
  7. IIT Gandhinagar Foundation Program
    1. Twitter
    2. Website
    3. Video
  8. 3030 STEM Program
    1. Come Fall in Love with Math (Long Trailer)
    2. The Complete Playlist
    3. Website
    4. Homework
    5. Feedback
  9. 2020 Lamp Program
    1. Website
    2. The Complete Playlist
  10. CLI-IIT Gandhinagar Teacher Training Workshops
  11. Arvind Gupta
    1. Website
    2. Wiki
    3. YouTube Channel
    4. Turning Trash Into Toys for Learning (TED Talk)
  12. Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)
    1. Website
    2. What is PISA?
    1. 2011-12 PISA Results
  13. Badri Seshadri on ContraMinds
    1. Episode
    2. Blog Post
  14. Ashwin Mahalingam on ContraMinds
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  15. CBSE (Wiki)
  16. Diksha Platform (Teacher Training Portal)
  17. Lockhart’s Lament (PDF)
  18. The Ezra Klein Show
    1. Ezra Klein’s Twitter
    2. Why Do We Work So Damn Much (Apple Podcasts)
  19. John Maynard Keynes
  20. The Story of Stuff Project
    1. The Story of Stuff
    1. YouTube Channel
  21. Fritz Haber
    1. Biography (Wiki)
    2. Haber’s Process (via TED-Ed)

Show Notes

On Early Days and Childhood (00:02:19)

On Claude Shannon, Information Theory, and his Life (00:05:48)

Manish realising that he no longer wants to work for a Corporation (00:08:38)

On Pi (00:09:56)

On Education Systems robbing Children of their Sense of Wonder (00:12:18)

On Teacher Training as the Road to Educational Transformation (00:19:10)

On the Khichidi Theory of Education (00:21:53)

The Teacher Training Workshop at CLI-IIT Gandhinagar (00:24:19)

On Vaccine Ethics and the Purpose of Science (00:29:00)

On Integrating Joy in the Teacher’s Experience (00:30:00)

On the Need for Pride in the Teaching Profession (00:30:52)

Understanding the Principles that drive the Teacher Training Workshop (00:34:53)

The Three Benchmarks of the Teacher Training Workshop (00:38:27)

Using the Three Benchmarks to Explain the Concept of a Parabola (00:41:13)

Understanding the Definition-Application Gap (00:44:39)

The 2012 PISA Results and Meeting Arvind Gupta (00:46:37)

Why Joy is integral to Communicating Core Learning Concepts (00:54:38)

On the Biggest Problem in Education Today (00:55:45)

Measure the Learning Impact of Participants who were a part of the Teacher Training Workshop (00:58:55)

On How to Bring About a Learning Revolution at Scale (01:02:53)

How the Education System builds an Economy of Fear (01:06:38)

On the Relationship between Excessive Work and Consumer Culture (01:08:08)

On the Origins and Development of the Center for Creative Learning at IIT Gandhinagar (01:15:02)

Advice Manish would give himself looking back at his Journey so far (01:21:22)

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