Thomas Kolster on The Unmarketing Code for Meaningful Brands (#015)

About Thomas Kolster

Thomas is the Founder and Creative Director of Goodvertising Agency, one of the pioneers in turning environmental, societal and health risks into market opportunities where growing the bottom line goes hand in hand with creating better communities and a better planet. 

He has advised numerous Fortune 500 companies, Startups, Government Agencies, and NGOs. He is an internationally recognised keynote speaker who’s appeared at events like TEDx, SXSW, D&AD, and Sustainable Brands. His work has been published at outlets such as Guardian, Adweek, The Drum among others. He also serves as a Jury Member at International Award Shows such as the Cannes Lions and D&AD.

Thomas is also the author of two books, Goodvertising and, most recently, The Hero Trap.

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Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Thomas
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Twitter
    3. Website
  2. Goodvertising Agency
    1. Website
    2. Twitter
    3. LinkedIn
  3. The Hero Trap
    1. Buy the Book
    2. Video
  4. Goodvertising
    1. Buy the Book
    2. Video
  5. Ogilvy on Advertising
    1. Buy the Book
    2. About David Ogilvy
  6. Climate Summit at Coopenhagen
  7. Anita Roddick
  8. Ben and Jerry’s Sustainability Initiative
  9. Sustainability in Denmark
  10. Mark Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Proctor and Gamble
  11. Simon Sinek
    1. Buy the Book
    2. TED Talk
  12. The Wheel of Transformability by Thomas Kolster
  13. Patagonia’s Anti-Black Friday Campaign
  14. DriveNow
  15. NikeID Program
  16. Dave Haakens
    1. About Dave
    2. Precious Plastics
    3. Phonebloks Project
  17. Starbucks
    1. About
    2. Howard Schulz
    3. Pour Your Heart Into It
  18. Micro-Franchises
  19. Blinkist
  20. Blue Ocean Strategy
    1. Buy the Book
    2. About the Blue Ocean Strategy
  21. Respect Your Universe (Sports Retailer)
  22. Nike+
  23. Nike Fuel Band
  24. Nelson Mandela
  25. Bill Burr
  26. Emmanuel Faber (Former CEO, Danone)
  27. Sufficiency Economy in Thailand
  28. Patagonia’s Vote the Assholes Out campaign
    1. About
    2. Website
  29. Nike’s Believe in Something campaign
    1. About
    2. Commercial
    3. Website

Show Notes

Discovering the world of Marketing and Advertising [01:40]

 The Event that changed the direction of Thomas’ Career [03:41]

Key Challenges in building Sustainability for Brands [09:24]

How do Monolithic Brands get ready for Change? [14:44]

Why Brands should care more about “Me” and do more “Unmass” Marketing [20:14]

Putting the Marketing Mix in the hands of the Consumer [30:57]

Applying the LEGO brick idea to a Mobile Phone [36:49]

Redesigning the Marketing Department of the Future [43:20]

Change in Leadership Style needed for Unmarketing [51:10]

Why Sustainability has a Storytelling Problem [57:04]

Adding a New Layer of Marketing to Brands [01:06:30]

Thomas’ Favourite Books [01:11:20]

Three pieces of advice Thomas would give his Younger self [01:12:15]

The Four Guests Thomas would invite for a Dream Dinner [01:14:46]

Thomas’ definition of the word ‘Successful’ [01:18:02]

The advice Thomas would give an 18 year old studying at University today [01:20:03]

What is that something that Thomas believes in that nobody agrees with him on? [01:22:54]

The best piece of advice Thomas has received [01:25:28]

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