Suresh Shankar on A Founder-CEO’s Guide to Company Building (#017)

About Suresh Shankar

Suresh is the Co-Founder and CEO of Crayon Data, a Big Data and Artificial Intelligence company with a vision to simplify the world’s choices.

Suresh spent the first 15 years of his 35-year long career in Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Media, and Banking. He has been a part of many firsts, including the launch of the Credit Card and Consumer Banking Revolution in India, the first Media Buying Company in India, and the first Internet Banking and Personalisation pilots in Asia.

His previous company, Red Pill Solutions, was acquired by IBM.

Suresh is also the host of Slaves to the Algo, a Podcast where he speaks to Industry Leaders on how the use of Artificial Intelligence and Data has transformed their lives and businesses.

Suresh is an alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai and IIM Calcutta.

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Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Suresh
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    3. Instagram
  2. Suresh’s Podcast – Slaves to the Algo
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    3. Watch Season 1 on YouTube
    4. Watch Season 2 on YouTube
  3. Crayon Data
  4. Suresh on the Legacy and Impact of Fulcrum
  5. RedPill Solutions
  6. Richie Benaud
  7. American Exceptionalism
  8. Age of Relevance
  10. Srikant Sastri
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  11. Fractal Analytics
  12. Mu Sigma
  13. Benoit Mandelbrot
  14. Barbara Minto – The Pyramid Principle
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  15. Robert Cialdini – Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
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  16. Mind Maps
  17. Becoming a Scale Insurgent (Bain)
  18. Ashwin Damera
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  19. Haruki Murakami – Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World
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  20. Orhan Pamuk – My Name Is Red
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  21. Ben Horowitz – The Hard Thing About Hard Things
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  22. Ben Horowitz – The Struggle
  23. Marcelo Bielsa

Show Notes

On Spotting Trends and Building a Business out of Ambiguity (00:03:02 – 00:05:27)

Aligning Teams to your Mission (00:06:10 – 00:11:31)

Percolating the Power of Storytelling across an Organization (00:12:45 – 00:16:06)

Understanding the Craft of Storytelling as an Entrepreneur (00:17:48 – 00:22:42)

Bringing Right-Brained Thinking to Left-Brained Industries (00:23:47 – 00:27:35)

Understanding Culture in Left-Brain and Right-Brain Organizations (00:29:27 – 00:30:51)

Understanding the Company Building Process through Different Personalities (00:31:35 – 00:36:10)

Bringing Startup-style Thinking and Processes to Legacy Enterprises (00:37:14 – 00:42:20)

Bringing Cross-Functional Teams together as an Entrepreneur (00:44:14 – 00:46:45)

Three Pieces of Advice Suresh would give his Younger Self (00:46:58 – 00:49:16)

What is something Suresh believes in that nobody else agrees with him on? (00:49:19 – 00:52:39)

What ‘Success’ means to Suresh (00:52:40 – 00:55:37)

Recommendations to an 18-year old at a University (00:55:41 – 00:58:40)

Recommended Books (00:58:50 – 01:01:13)

Closing Thoughts from Suresh (01:01:54 – 01:02:58)

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