Col. Vijay Chadda on Leadership Lessons from a Life of Service

About Col. Vijay Chadda

Col. Vijay Chadda served in the Indian Armed Forces for more than two decades, following which, in 1992, he transitioned to the Private Sector. After holding leadership positions in various large multinationals in the logistics, travel and tourism space, he became the CEO of the Bharti Foundation in 2008.

Over the course of the next 11 years, Col. Chadda was instrumental in the Bharti Foundation’s endeavour of setting up schools in villages and managing them and working with Government schools to provide quality education to underprivileged children.

Today, he serves as the CEO of the Air Pollution Action Group, a Foundation set up to assist the Central and State Governments in India’s fight against Air Pollution.

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  8. Satya Bharti Quality Support Program
  9. Book Mentioned
    1. How Will You Measure Your by Clayton Christensen, Karen Dillon, and James Allworth

Show Notes

Lessons learnt at the National Defence Academy [03:00 – 05:53]

The True Value of an Education at the National Defence Academy [06:08 – 07:10]

Bringing Leadership lessons from the Military to the Corporate World [07:44 – 12:00]

On balancing Empathy and Decisiveness as a Leader [12:34 – 18:13]

A Turning Point in Col. Chadda’s Life which happened in 1997 [18:48 – 22:30]

Why Education in India is on Life Support [23:00 – 31:27]

On the Bharthi Foundation’s Quality Support Program [31:57 – 36:04]

Thoughts on “I will not allow what is not in my control to prevent me from doing what is in my control.” [36:27 – 39:41]

Challenges of Scale when trying to bring about Massive Educational Transformations [41:25 – 45:35]

On Exploring New Models of Education Systems and Student Programs [46:19 – 47:31]

On the Vision and Mission of the Air Pollution Action Group (A-PAG) [47:43 – 56:15]

On what ‘Successful’ means to Col. Chadda [56:33 – 57:37]

Col. Chadda on Learning from Books, People, and Experiences [57:46 – 58:37]

The best piece of advice Col. Chadda has ever received [58:49 – 01:00:00]

Col. Chadda’s Dream Dinner [01:00:20 – 01:01:55]

Advice Col. Chadda would give an 18-year old studying at a University today [01:02:04 – 01:03:50]

Closing Comments from Col. Chadda [01:04:27 – 01:04:51]

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