Adrian Gropper on The Intersection of Data, Technology, and Individual Rights (#027)

About Adrian Gropper

Adrian Gropper, MD, is the CTO of Patient Privacy Rights, an organization representing 10.3 million patients and is among the foremost open data advocates in the United States.

He is a serial entrepreneur in healthcare computing at the intersection of novel device regulation and licensed clinical practice. Decades of strategic work in both medical and general network standards groups has provided him with expertise in mitigating regulatory capture by incumbent industry interests.

Adrian holds an M.D. from Harvard Medical School and a B.S. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Adrian Gropper
  2. Patient Privacy Rights
  3. A Human Rights Approach to Personal Information Technology
  4. Patient-Directed Uses vs. The Platform
  5. What Google Isn’t Saying About Your Health Records
  6. A National Patient Identifier: Should You Care?
  7. W3C Working Group
  8. Regulatory Capture
  9. Neuralink
  10. India Digital Health Net (IDHN)

Books Mentioned

Catch 22
by Joseph Heller

Show Notes

On Adrian’s Mission and Focus as a Privacy Entrepreneur [02:29 – 06:39]

On Data Privacy as an Individual Right [07:15 – 12:12]

On the Relationship between Trust and Data [12:28 – 18:56]

The Inflection Point that led to Adrian’s Career as a Privacy Entrepreneurship [20:46 – 24:28]

Data, Choice, and the Patient Bill of Rights [25:36 – 30:55]

On Adrian’s Paper on the Development of a Health ID in India [31:45 – 36:03]

Data Ownership in the Age of Health IoT Products [37:00 – 42:26]

Complexity in Regulation in a Neuralink-dominant World [43:00 – 48:51]

The Catch-Up Game between Technology and Policy [48:50 – 54:25]

Challenges of Interoperability in the W3C Working Group [55:28 – 01:00:06]

On Self-Sovereign Technology [01:00:20 – 01:02:59]

Issues of Trust in Platforms and Digital Institutions [01:04:01 – 01:08:47]

Adrian’s advice for a young student today [01:09:23 – 01:11:27]

Favourite Books [01:11:37 – 01:12:45]

What Success means to Adrian [01:12:54 – 01:13:10]

Adrian’s Dream Dinner [01:13:21 – 01:14:26]

The Best Piece of Advice Adrian has ever received [01:14:37 – 01:16:22]

Something Adrian believes in that nobody agrees with him on [01:16:29 – 01:17:21]

Adrian’s Guest Recommendation for ContraMinds [01:17:30 – 01:18:11]

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