Shyam Shekar on The Founder’s Guide to Finance (#029)


About Shyam Shekar

Shyam Shekar is the Founder and Chief Ideator of iThought Advisory.

iThought is a leading financial advisory firm which has strong domain expertise in financial planning, mutual fund research, investment advisory, equity research, equity advisory, and portfolio management.

He has been an angel investor incubating start-ups and he believes money must be turned into sustainable wealth.

 In the year 2009, he seeded the idea of a professional firm focused in the personal finance space. Over a decade, iThought has gradually built independent teams, multi-disciplinary domain expertise, multi-asset advisory practises, and an overarching customer centric culture..

He has been a past president of the Tamil Nadu investor association and worked in the space of investor awareness, education and protection. Interact with stakeholders like SEBI, the stock exchanges and funds and devised programs, edited India’s only and oldest investment journal and talked about investing on various platforms.

His thoughts and investment thesis on investments have been widely quoted by leading publications.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Annamalai University and has a management degree from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

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Selected Links and Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Shyam
  2. iThought Advisory
  3. Shyam Shekar’s Thoughts on Investments
  4. Tamil Nadu Investor Association
  5. RBI
  6. SEBI
  7. Warren Buffet
  8. Charles T Munger
  9. Benjamin Graham
  10. How to split equity among founders

Books Mentioned

  1. Poor Charlie’s Almanack: The Wit and Wisdom of Charles T Munger
    by Charles T. Munger
  2. The Zurich Axioms (Harriman Definitive Edition): The rules of risk and reward used by generations of Swiss bankers
    by Max Gunther
  3. Paths to Wealth Through Uncommon Stocks
    by Philip A Fisher

Show Notes

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Understanding the word Capital [02:10 – 03:27]

 How thinking on Equity Capital has changed over generations [03:56 – 06:56]

 Best forms of early-stage capital fundraise [07:40 – 11:22]

 Differences in how capital is viewed between old and new generation [12:06 – 15:30]

 Self-awareness and humility for entrepreneurs [15:30 – 17:19]

Distributing founders’ equity [18:25 – 21:42]

Warren Buffett – Learning from him using a few ground rules [22:09 – 26:10]

Why sensationalizing investing makes it look more ordinary [26:01 – 28:44]

Why popular trends are scary? [29:18 – 31:50]

What are the biases that need to be avoided while investing? [32:47 – 35:16]

Understanding pain bearing capability and risks [37:05 – 38:48]

What is difference between money and wealth? [39:10 – 40:45]

Balancing the immediate cash vs amount of funds to be  raised for a business [41:12 – 44:35]

Financial understanding and transition of an entrepreneur with first venture to the next ventures [45:17 – 47:13]

Staying rich with gains is not easy and purposing wealth [47:30 – 49:30]

How to allocate money earned from exiting a business [49:57 – 51:03]

Being an independent thinker with values and beliefs [51:20 – 53:00]

What does the world successful mean to Shyam [53:09 – 53:27]

Books that have influenced Shyam over the course of his life and career [53:43 – 54:11]

Advice to an 18 year old today  [54:14 – 54:55]

Dream guests for a dinner [55:04 – 55.37]

Best piece of advice somebody has given Shyam [55:43 – 56:23]

What is something Shyam believes in nobody else agrees with him on [56:26 – 56:38]

Shyam recommend as a guest for ContraMinds [56:41 – 56:52]

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