Connor Joyce on How Behavioral Science is shaping the core of Product Development (#030)

About Connor Joyce

A behavioral science evangelist, Connor Joyce is the co-founder and executive committee member of the Applied Behavioural Sciences Foundation (ABSA).

Connor Joyce’s work has spanned physical, mental, social, and purpose wellbeing and is on a mission to help create scalable intervention personalization as the field of behavioral science enters a new era of tailored solutions. At Tonal, Connor was involved in behavioral science practices focused on helping users achieve their fitness outcomes. 

At his earlier stint in Microsoft as a User Researcher, Connor was involved in human-centred research, developing frameworks for the Workplace Analytics, MyAnalytics and Viva Insights products.

In this episode on The ContraMinds Podcast, Connor speaks to Swami and Vignesh about the importance of behavioral science and its four pillars of Choice Architecture, Biases & Heuristics, Habit Formation and Social Norms.  A deep-dive discussion into the world of human-centred research, Connor gives specific examples with Tesla, Uber, Lyft and Snap. He also talks about the Apple Watch and how the idea of Libertarian Paternalism is driving the Apple Watch’s features for better user outcomes.

Connor also writes extensively about the future of work, helping establish the field of behavioral science, and keeping up with the latest research. 

Connor has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Resources, Management/Personnel Administration, from Illinois State University and a Masters degree in Behavioral & Decision Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania.

With brilliant insights, deep analysis and book recommendations, this podcast is a crash course in behavioral science for those in the field of design and product development. 

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Selected Links & Show Notes

Selected Links

  1. Connect with Connor Joyce
  2. Behavioral Science
  3. Machine Learning Models
  4. Data Science, User Experience and Behavioral Science
  5. Viva Insights
  6. MyAnalytics
  7. Mixed Method Research
  8. Defining the Applied Behavioral Scientist Role
  9. Defining Behavioral Science Team Types
  10. Nudge Theory
  11. Libertarian Paternalism
  12. Applied Behavioral Science Association (ABSA)
  13. Nudges in Apple Watch
  14. Understanding Individualistic & Collectivistic Cultures
  15. Choice Overload
  16. Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, and Democratic milieu (WEIRD)
  17. The Hook Model

Personalities Mentioned

  1. Amos Tversky
  2. Daniel Kahneman
  3. James Clear
  4. Richard H Thaler
  5. Laszlo Bock
  6. Geert Hofstede
  7. Michael Lewis
  8. Cass Sunstein
  9. Adam Curtis
  10. Florent Buisson
  11. James Guszcza

Companies / Products Mentioned

  1. Lyft
  2. Microsoft
  3. Lemonade
  4. Uber
  5. Morningstar
  6. Allstate
  7. Google (Google Glass)
  8. Apple (Apple Watch)
  9. Oura Ring
  10. Vanguard

Books Mentioned

  1. Nudge by Richard H Thaler & Cass R Sunstein
  2. Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  3. Misbehaving by Richard H Thaler
  4. The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis
  5. The Big Short by Michael Lewis
  6. Moneyball by Michael Lewis

Shows Mentioned

  1. Can’t Get You Out Of My Head by Adam Curtis
  2. Century Of The Self by Adam Curtis

Show Notes

Difference between Behavioral Science, UX and Data Science 01.42 to 08.36

Who is a Mixed Method Researcher 08.46 to 09.56

Difference between User Stories and User Outcomes 10.30 to 15.42

Why behavioural scientists need to get involved ahead of product teams 16.24 to 20.25

The Importance of pre-feature study in product development 20.54 to 21.04

Attributes of a behavioral scientist 22.56 to 30.07

Attributes of a behavioural scientist team 30.07 to 33.43

Information synergy between Data Scientist, Behavioral Scientist and a Designer 34.16 to 36.04

How can legacy corporations embrace behvioral science to avoid disruption from startups 37.08 to 41.34

Behavioural Science 101 42.43 to 47.34

Why did Google Glass fail? 48.07 to 53.06

What did Apple Watch get right? 53.34 to 59.01

Choice Architecture, Nudges and Libertarian Paternalism in Behavioral Sciences 59.51 to 1.09.21

Importance of culture in behavioural science 1.09.44 to 1.13.58

What is success, according to Connor Joyce 1.14.07 to 1.14.47

Books that have influenced Connor’s life and work 1.14.54 to 1.16.04

Advice to an 18-year old 1.16.10 to 1.18.10

Connor’s four guests to a dream dinner 1.18.33 to 1.21.04

What Connor believes that others don’t 1.21.17 to 1.23.43

Connor’s guest recommendation for ContraMinds 1.24.02 to 1.25.00

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