Marc de Swaan Arons on Humanized Growth: A New Blueprint for Marketing


Marc de Swaan Arons is a thought leader in global marketing leadership. An experienced marketing hand, Marc had a successful 14-year career with Unilever working in The Netherlands and New York offices and is now the Founder of the Institute for Real Growth (IRG) – a not-for-profit organization that helps CMOs and other growth leaders drive humanized growth.

Earlier Marc co-founded EffectiveBrands (2001), a global marketing leadership consultancy which later became a part of the the WPP group.Marc has learned from and collaborated with many of the world’s most prominent Chief Marketing Officers, and he is a frequent keynote speaker at business schools, companies, and industry conferences.

In this inaugural episode of The Super CMO Show, Swami and Marc discuss:

  • How Marc found his true calling in Marketing
  • How marketing influences the strategic direction of companies
  • The Da Vinci CMO model
  • Being an effective CMO
  • Tips for future marketers
  • Brand insights with Dove, Nike, Patagonia, Tide & Colgate
  • How technology, creativity and emotion drive marketing

and much more. 

Selected Links

The difference between Marketing and Sales

Strategic Brand Management

Sustainable Business Growth

Economies of Scale

Brands versus Private Labels

Private Labels and their own brands

Kohler’s Alexa Enabled Toilet

NFT for Almond Milk

IRG Growth Study

How Jack Welch justified ‘firing the bottom 10%’

Jack Welch’s Vitality Curve

Conscious Capitalism

Shared Value

Shared Value – Michael Porter

Multi-stakeholder Growth

The Business Roundtable – America’s biggest CEO Organization)

United Nations Sustainable Development

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Maslov Heirarchy of Needs

When Airbnb changed its strategy

The Tiger Woods Vs Roger Federer Career Model

Campaigns Mentioned

AB Inbev Campaign

McEnroe Vs McEnroe – Michelob Ultra Campaign

African Campaign – Be You. Period.

Sanitary Sanity Campaign

Lil-Let’s Talk Campaign

Dove Real Beauty Campaign

Patagonia founder gives away 98% of profits

Patagonia Activism

Nike Humanism Campaign

Nike Community Marketing

Tide Humanism Messaging

Tide #TurnToCold Campaign

Colgate #CloseTheTap Campaign

People Mentioned

Jann Martin Schwarz

Milton Friedman

Jack Welch

Michael Porter

Larry Fink

Nelson Mandela

Mahatma Gandhi

Elon Musk

Chris Burggraeve

Books Mentioned

Range by David Epstein

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