Rupal Patel on Identity-Driven Leadership: Lessons Learnt from the CIA, to being a CEO (#036)

About Rupal Patel is an ex-CIA agent turned entrepreneur, international speaker and business consultant. She helps founders and executives unlock their potential through a powerful new toolkit that reveals how techniques of the CIA can help anyone find their voice and thrive without conforming to stale stereotypes or dated “best practices”. She is the author […]

The Chris Yeh Experience: On Design, Leadership and Blitzscaling

A writer, investor, and entrepreneur, Chris Yeh has had a ringside seat in the world of startups and scale-ups since 1995. His books help founders, venture capitalists, corporate leaders, policymakers, and everyday people better understand how the internet has changed the way we work together to build amazing organizations. Chris Yeh is the co-author, along […]

Thales Teixeira on Digital Disruption Through Decoupling

Prof. Thales Teixeira is the co-founder of digital disruption consultancy Previously, he was the Lumry Family Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, where he taught MBA, doctoral and executive-level courses in Marketing Models, Digital Marketing and E-commerce  for 10 years. His two primary domains of research constitute Digital Disruption and The Economics of Attention. He […]

B. Joseph Pine II on Want To Win Customers? Sell Them Experiences.

About Joe Pine B. Joseph Pine II is an internationally acclaimed author, speaker, and management advisor to Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial start-ups alike. He is the cofounder of Strategic Horizons LLP, a thinking studio dedicated to helping businesses conceive and design new ways of adding value to their economic offerings. Pine consults with numerous […]

Prasad Mangipudi on Building a World-Class Sports Ecosystem in India 

About Prasad Mangipudi Prasad Mangipudi is one of the top sports development and marketing minds in India. Prasad is the Managing Director of Sportzlive – a company primarily focused on investing and creating Sports IPRs in the Indian sub-continent market, and is a Mentor Director with the Hyderabad Hydras, a premier esports & lifestyle organisation. […]

Paul Zak on Applying Neuroscience in Engagement, Immersion and Brand Interactions (#031)

About Paul Zak Paul Zak is an American neuroeconomist. He is the co-founder of Immersion Neuroscience, which creates technologies that enable human flourishing. His specialities include neuroeconomics, neuromarketing and neuromanagement. Paul is also a professor at Claremont Graduate University (for over 27 years), where he currently is the Director at the Centre of Neuroeconomics Studies. […]

Connor Joyce on How Behavioral Science is shaping the core of Product Development (#030)

About Connor Joyce A behavioral science evangelist, Connor Joyce is the co-founder and executive committee member of the Applied Behavioural Sciences Foundation (ABSA). Connor Joyce’s work has spanned physical, mental, social, and purpose wellbeing and is on a mission to help create scalable intervention personalization as the field of behavioral science enters a new era […]

Shyam Shekar on The Founder’s Guide to Finance (#029)

  About Shyam Shekar Shyam Shekar is the Founder and Chief Ideator of iThought Advisory. iThought is a leading financial advisory firm which has strong domain expertise in financial planning, mutual fund research, investment advisory, equity research, equity advisory, and portfolio management. He has been an angel investor incubating start-ups and he believes money must […]

Adrian Gropper on The Intersection of Data, Technology, and Individual Rights (#027)

About Adrian Gropper Adrian Gropper, MD, is the CTO of Patient Privacy Rights, an organization representing 10.3 million patients and is among the foremost open data advocates in the United States. He is a serial entrepreneur in healthcare computing at the intersection of novel device regulation and licensed clinical practice. Decades of strategic work in […]


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